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New Double Degree Partnership with Taiwan Tech, School of Management

January the 14th marked yet another milestone in the relationship between Nagoya University of Commerce and Business (NUCB) and The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech). The partnership between both institutions originated in 2019 with an exchange agreement at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and on this special day, a signature ceremony was held for the establishment of a double degree program at the undergraduate level!

Around this time, 4 groups of around 100 Taiwan Tech students in total came to NUCB as part of a short study tour, with 2 groups visiting the Nisshin Campus. The undergraduate group (23 students) was led by Prof. Tzu-Chuan Chou, Dean of School of Management, and Prof. Chien-Ping Chung, Director of Management Undergraduate Honors Program; while the other group comprised of 30 EMBA students was led by Prof. Cheng-Kang Chen and Prof. Pin Luarn.

This visit of our Nisshin Campus is unprecedented in terms of the number of students involved, and the main purpose for the undergraduate students was to discover NUCB as a potential destination to study abroad, either on an exchange or double degree basis, which made the visit even more exciting and valuable for both parties.

Taiwan Tech is widely known for developing outstanding engineers in Taiwan and has continued to strengthen its position as a technological powerhouse. Its School of Management accentuates its specialty on Fin-tech, and combines technology and business together to deliver innovation both inside and outside the classroom. Through this double degree program in Taiwan, our Global BBA students can not only explore technology-related industries and industry-specific insights but also gaining a better understanding of the Taiwanese business culture, ultimately securing them another promising employment destination.

Since the beginning, both institutions expressed great interest to deepen the relations through other collaborations and this new step is the proof that we are looking forward to cooperating together in the future.