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Welcoming our international students!

Effective from March 1st, the Government of Japan has eased the entry restrictions to enable international students, foreign workers and business travelers to enter the country with a limit of 5,000 entrants per day.

Since 2020, there have been only 2 small periods when the borders were briefly open during the past 2 years, and over 100 of our 200 international students have been unable to enter the country since then; so everyone is looking forward to transition swiftly to Japan and we are looking forward to welcome them soon by guiding them through the whole procedure.

With the students being allowed to enter Japan under the supervision and guidance of their universities, we will hold an info-session on this March 4th in order to explain the process in detail, carrying out all the steps together prior to departure to ensure a smooth arrival. Once the quarantine period is over, we will welcome the students into our dormitories and to our Nisshin/Nagakute Campus, revitalizing the global atmosphere and environment.

While our students gradually entering and settling down in Japan during this Spring season, we will be holding our Global BBA courses in a hybrid classroom, with students in Japan attending the course on campus while students temporarily abroad (who are waiting to enter the country) attend the same course simultaneously through Zoom, seamlessly bringing together all the students, physically and virtually, at the same time.

Our Global BBA program is one of our flagship program fully taught in English, immersing students in an international environment as we bring in around 200 international students from more than 35 different nationalities. We are one of the most diverse universities in Japan for both students and faculty as recognized by our ranking in Times Higher Education.