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Information about AY2022

#AY2022 #Hybrid Classroom

This page will be regularly updated to reflect the changes in how we will deliver our courses in AY2022.

With winter approaching its end, we will kick off the Academic Year of 2022 (AY2022) on April 1st with the Matriculation Ceremony and classes will begin on April 4th, just as Spring arrives with cherry blossoms taking over the Nisshin/Nagakute campus.

Arrival in Japan

On February 17th of 2022, the Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced that the Government of Japan will start gradually opening its borders from March 2022 onwards, enabling international students, foreign workers and business travelers to enter the country.

We will start preparing to welcome the students as soon as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) announces the implementation of new measures and policies regarding the entry of international students, guiding the students through the entire procedure for a smooth and swift transition to life in Japan.

With a daily limit of 5,000 entrants per day, we recognize that all the international students will be able to arrive and settle during this Spring season, and as such, we will be delivering our courses as follows.

On Campus courses

Over 90% of the courses will be held on campus throughout the institution.

By thoroughly following the necessary preventive measures, with mandatory face masks, hand disinfection, social distancing, ample ventilation and thorough temperature checks, we will ensure to keep a safe learning environment on campus for students to thrive in.

Live Virtual courses

About 10% of courses will be delivered in a live virtual format for international students who would be unable to enter Japan in time for Term 1 (April - May) courses.

We have been successfully delivering live virtual courses since the beginning of AY2020, and we have been constantly improving the whole learning experience with feedback from students, striving to make it immersive and engaging as possible.

Global BBA

With the entry restrictions lifting from March 2022 and expecting all the international students to arrive during this Spring season, our Spring semester (April - July) will be implemented as follows:

  • Term 1 (April - May) courses will be delivered in hybrid classrooms (on campus + live virtual at the same time)*;
  • Term 2 (June - July) courses will be expected fully on campus (following the arrival of our international students).

*This is a brand new iteration that we are currently developing: in these hybrid classrooms, the students currently in Japan will attend the course on campus while students currently abroad attend the same course simultaneously through Zoom, seamlessly bringing together all the students, physically and virtually, at the same time.

Current students can find all the latest updates on their Campus Information Board and inbox.

Campus Life

Student and campus life is defined not only by the academic experience and learning but also through the pursuit of passions and exploration outside the classroom, along with interactions across various groups.

Empowering the student life, the school provides many opportunities for students to interact on campus  through various clubs, circles, Language Exchange Programs​, and Cultural Enrichment Activities. Through the latter, we provide international students with an opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and business environment with field trips to historical locations and companies.