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Our international students are here!

Constantinos is joining us from Northumbria University (UK) for a 2nd stint after a first online exchange program back in Spring 2020

When the Government of Japan announced that the border restrictions will be lifted on March 1st for international students and foreign workers, it was a moment of excitement for all of us, international students and the whole NUCB Community. Following this and over the past 3 weeks, our administrators promptly rallied to put together all the information, carefully detailing and explaining the whole procedure in order to guide students through all the steps for coming to Japan, working together through all the processes.

With the students taking swift actions to prepare thoroughly, they have started arriving over the weekend and some students have already checked into their residences! As this joyful moment gradually unfolds and students settle down in their dormitories, acclimating and discovering their new life in Japan, we are looking forward to bringing everyone together and kicking off the Spring semester with new beginnings!

Jittarin, Cattaleeya, and Anon from Thammasat Business School (Thailand)

Discussing about the whole procedure for preparing, arriving and going through the immigration, they found the whole journey to be smooth given ample preparation of all the necessary documents, with the Fast Track option making it even easier. The airport is well-staffed to guide everyone through the process and when there may be a language barrier, apps like Google Translate make the communication more fluid.

Depending on how crowded the airport might be at arrival (so far, the students found the flights and airports to not be crowded), everything can be done in about 2.5 hours but an average of 3 - 4 hours should be counted as a rule of thumb, particularly with the PCR test at arrival.

While our students gradually entering and settling down in Japan over the next weeks, during Term 1, we will be holding our Global BBA courses in a hybrid classroom, with students in Japan attending the course on campus while students temporarily abroad (who are waiting to enter the country) attend the same course simultaneously through Zoom, seamlessly bringing together all the students, physically and virtually, at the same time. From Term 2 (June) onwards, we will be shifting fully to on-campus courses and revitalize the global atmosphere.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on campus!