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Introductory Japanese 3 - Global BBA course

Instead of the usual one-way lecture style that happens in many language courses, Prof. Isono Hideharu, who specializes in Japanese language education and sociolinguistics, hosts the class in an interactive atmosphere where students are relaxed and enjoy learning the Japanese language. Some students have shared that they can easily absorb new vocabulary that does not even appear in the textbook.

At the NUCB Undergraduate School, students, depending on their level, can study Japanese from the very beginning without any prerequisites until the highest level where the language course is more about multicultural contexts.

Week 4

In the previous 3 weeks, students have learned the nominalization of verbs, degree of uncertainty, and the sentence structure to introduce and explain their home country and culture. In today’s class, students grasped the potential form of verbs and how to express a reason for a specific event.

COVID-19 is a challenge, as well as an opportunity. NUCB Undergraduate School transitioned all the classes to an online environment, enabling students paralyzed by travel restrictions to participate in the virtual recreation of our classes, making them feel comfortable, if not more than usual thanks to their home environment. Putting online tools into practical use, students can easily find and keep all teaching materials, upload their assignments or test answers within a few seconds, and the best part is, the less impact on our environment thanks to a series of paperless measures and without any means of transportation.