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Online Course – Learn how to take an objective look at things with Active Learning

MBA Carrier Design is a course unique to Nagoya Campus, led by guests who are NUCB Business School alumni actively participating in various business areas worldwide. During this course, our students can shape their understanding on carrier-related issues by asking questions of MBA degree holders fighting at the frontline in their respective businesses. Today’s guest speaker was Professor Kamizawa, who works in a pharmaceutical company.

What is an MBA?
It’s an abbreviation of “Master of Business Administration”, which is the title one receives after having completed Master’s degree in NUCB Business School.

To live a happy life

Having analyzed the case on a pharmaceutical company and deepened students’ knowledge, the Professor provoked a discussion on career development choices leading to a happy life. He brought up a subject of recent news stating that a statistical Japanese worker after his first year of employment has saved up 450 thousand yen (app.4,250 USD), to which some students replied with:“I’d be able to save up 1 million (app. 9,400 USD)”, “I think it’s not much, because I know that one of my high school friends saved up 1 million this year”. There were also more objective opinions, such as “You cannot definitely say it is much or little – it depends on whether someone lives alone or with their family”. We can safely assume that this time, quite a few students have experienced the fun side of Active Learning classes, where you can give an ear to other's opinions and even get swayed by them.
After that, the discussion moved to the topic of investments and asset management as one of the options for leading a happy life. Today, the students were taught of the importance of financial literacy - to think not only like a typical salaryman, but also like an investor.