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For Prospective Students

The following page will provide summary information for prospective students who are considering to apply to NUCB Undergraduate School.

Admission Procedure

NUCB admits students twice per year in April and September for a 4-year bachelor program. Admissions are rolling throughout the year to offer a simple and straightforward application.

We offer a Global BBA taught in English open to all nationalities. For international students, we also offer a Japanese track under all four faculties where the equivalent of JLPT N2 is required.

At our main campus in Nisshin/Nagakute we have just over 3,000 students with approximately 10 percent of international students offering a global campus with a chance to interact with Japanese nationals.

Education at NUCB Undergraduate School

All courses are conducted by the quarter system and the academic year is split into 2 semesters, equalling 4 terms in total, and each course will be completed in a single term lasting 7 weeks.

Typically there is one class per day lasting 200 minutes. This gives students ample time to prepare for classes without overload or burnout as well as take advantage of the many club activities on campus. The school also gives students around 16 weeks of the year free (Feb-Apr, Aug) for activities such as internships, part-time work, or simply returning to their home country.

Classes are conducted using the Case Study and Active Learning teaching method. The case method, as a style of learning, asks students to imagine themselves in the role of the decision-maker profiled in the case. We highly recommend all prospective students to understand this methodology when applying.

NUCB operates a strict grading policy to ensure we keep a high level of motivation and competitiveness in the classroom. We also have a strict attendance policy.

Our Campuses

The Nisshin / Nagakuta Campus is our largest campus (200 acres) and it is located just outside the city of Nagoya. Housing all 4 Faculties and the 8 Departments (including our Global BBA program fully taught in English), it is well-equipped with sports facilities and lush with greenery.

The Nagoya Campus operates our BBA program (fully taught in Japanese) and is located in downtown Nagoya, offering students a full experience of Nagoya's city life.

International Programs

NUCB Undergraduate School has established numerous international programs to engage students in different educational activities with defined purposes for self-development. We have built up a network of over 100 world-class partners across more than 40 countries, offering our students the chance to spend up to 2 years overseas without any additional tuition.

Career Support Services

Our multilingual career support center prepares students for the job market and/or for postgraduate studies through comprehensive support that includes seminars, workshops, internships, etc.

Student Life at NUCB

We strive to offer a fulfilling student life with all the necessary support required.

Social Media

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