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Parking Permit for Nisshin/Nagakute Campus

Parking Permit for Nisshin Nagakute Campus

For students who wish to commute by car, motorcycle, or motorbike must register for a parking permit.
Please submit the 'Application for Parking Lot Use Permit' to the Student Affairs and purchase a parking permit sticker (¥500 JPY). There is no additional charge for using the parking lot.
However, for students who commute by motorcycle (including mopeds), it is compulsory to participate in an info session that is held on a regular basis.
The parking lots will be allocated by students' year of study and students should only park in the assigned area. Non-restricted time: After 16:00 PM, the students can park in any parking lots. However, during the exam periods, there is no non-restricted time. Parking on the roads is strictly prohibited at all times.
There is no mandatory registration procedure for commuting by bicycle, but please be sure to park your bicycle in the designated place.

  • Cars, motorcycles, and mopeds are not permitted to park on Nagoya Campus.

Number of Parking Lots

  • On-campus parking lots: 10
  • On-campus parking lots for motorcycle/bicycle: 5
  • On-campus parking slots: 1,400