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Gardening Club

With the recent rise in prices, vegetables and fruits have skyrocketed in price. Even under such circumstances, we have newly established a gardening club with the hope that we will be able to eat many of our favorite vegetables.
The gardening club plans to rent a field in Nisshin City and grow vegetables and flowers that we want to grow according to the season. We plan to take the vegetables we grow home and eat them ourselves, or if the opportunity arises, donate them or open a stall. Through growing vegetables, they will also be able to interact with students and local people and expand their community.
Above all, our motto is to have a fun student life.

Club Information
Club Name Gardening Club Affiliation
Place of Activity Nisshin City Farm
Clubhouse South Wing
Activity time 3 days a week, 2 hours a day

Annual Schedule
April Recruitment of new students Oct. Sangamine Festival
May Activities Nov. Activities
Jun. Activity Dec. Activities
Jul. Activity Jan. Activities
Sept. Sagamine Festival Preparation Mar. Farewell party