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Investment Club

Are you a student who wants to do more and improve your skill set? Sign up for the Investment Club to explore the wild and wonderful world of markets. We cannot promise you will be the next Warren Buffet but we can guarantee you will have a great time and make friends with likeminded people

We meet once a week where we discuss the markets and learn from each other. There are weekly newsletters and various roles within the club available from President, Community Manager, External Relations, Business Developers, Marketing, and more. By just being an active member of the club you will reap all the benefits of knowledge from students from all over the world. For more information on our activities and values visit our website!

Why did you decide to join the club?

Radwa (Egypt, Egypt-Japan University for Science & Technology) - I was excited to find a club related to finance, and although I didn’t know much about stocks etc, I am enjoying learning from my peers.

Daniel (Honduras/USA, NUCB 2nd Year Global BBA) - I have always been interested in finance and how the market works, but never had the courage or confidence to take the risks. When Nathan and Filip pitched the idea it was exactly what I was looking for and I really love the newsletters. The club has exceeded my expectations in such a short space of time.

Roy (Hong Kong, NUCB 2nd Year Global BBA) - This club was what I always wanted to do but did not realize that many others had the same passion as me. I have always been focused on the Hong Kong Market and day trading so I have some experience to bring in to the club.

Jason (Canada, NUCB 1st Year Global BBA) - I hate staying still and want to learn as much as possible and make use of the free time outside of class. I love being a part of building something off the ground that appeals to my interests in Economics and International Business.