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Mr. Jun Nishizawa appointed as Badminton Club coach

From April 2022, Jun Nishizawa, who has played badminton in the S/J League, has been appointed as coach for the Badminton club.

Mr. Nishizawa is an experienced coach who competed in the Inter-High School Tournament at Hieizan High School and the national tournament at Waseda University, and was active in the badminton S/J League (Japan League) at JTEKT, an industrial company.


  • Graduated from Enkeiji Gakuen Hieizan High School
  • Graduated from Waseda University (Kanto Student 1st Division)
  • JTEKT badminton team (2011-2019 * 2018-S / J league affiliation)

Main Results

Junior High School'02/03National Junior High School Athletic Meet (Singles)
High School'06Inter-High/ 3rd Place / National Sports Festival 9th place
University'09National Sports Conference (Adult) 9th place
'10Group 2nd place / Best 16 (Doubles)
Adult'16All-Japan (Adult) doubles best 16 / All-Japan (Overall) doubles best 16

Message from Coach Nishizawa

I am working to pass on to future students what I have learned from my competitive experience, even if only a little, so that I can share the joy of badminton with my students. We are a team of both beginners and experienced players, but with each individual's goals in mind, let's create a fulfilling time together.