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Global BBA students create the Investment Club

We are pleased to announce a brand new club on Nisshin Campus for students at NUCB that are interested in expanding their knowledge beyond their studies.

The first of its kind, we caught up with co-founders Nathan from France (Double Degree Student Audencia Business School), and Filip from Slovakia (Exchange Student, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University) to learn more about this exciting project and what future members can expect.

How did the idea come together?

We were looking for career related extracurricular activities on campus and we didn't seem to fit between sports clubs or cultural clubs. We wanted to take advantage of the huge network of international students here at NUCB and do more outside of class to represent the student body. To get the idea off the ground, we first put together what we wanted the club to look like, and that included stating our values and our proposition to the community.

We got initial interest from students and were taken aback by the sheer number of people that wanted to join. With the help from administration, we submitted our request to be a formal club, which was approved by the Chancellor and the Club Council. We then bought a website hosting and a domain and started our Instagram account and began the second round of finding members. After pitching to students on campus during classes, we quickly gained over 30 members.

What does it take to be a member?

There are 2 ways to participate in the club.

Firstly, there is the regular member. We currently meet once a week and we have lectures on finance and investment based on feedback of stock pitches from the members. We have weekly newsletters where members take turns to explain different markets and current topics. They will compile information from a variety of sources (podcasts, newspapers, websites, etc.) for us to read and discuss in the meetings. We build commercial awareness this way.

Secondly, starting next academic year, we will provide the opportunity to also engage with the club on a management level. We create the opportunity for people to further develop their skill set and CV through taking an active role in managing the operations of the club. We will recruit for a marketing manager, treasurer, vice-president and more.

What kind of student should join? What does the future hold?

Ambitious people who want to do more. We have no restrictions apart from having the English proficiency to communicate with us, and the desire and motivation to join the club. Even those who do not necessarily have a huge interest in finance can gain experience in marketing, website development and so on.

Moving forward we want to secure funding or start a small membership fee as we are financing out of our own pocket. We also want to invite guest speakers, and a real money competition, rather than virtual money to make it more engaging.