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Internationalization On Campus - NUCB Language Exchange Program

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We are one of the most diverse universities in Japan with a number of international students joining us from all over the world, facilitating a truly global campus. Here we introduce the Language Exchange Program, a popular international exchange program for students.

What is the Language Exchange Program?

The language exchange program pairs Japanese and international students on campus to exchange language and culture. Anyone can participate in the program (free of charge), regardless of their faculty or grade. The languages taught are not only limited to English and Japanese but also French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, etc. In addition to improving language skills, students can cultivate a sense of internationalism and diverse values. International and Japanese students are often seen studying together and enjoying exchanges at the Central Information Center (library), cafeteria (Sora Cafe pictured above), lounges, and other locations on campus.

Internationalization on campus at NUCB

  • CESA (Cultural Exchange Student Association): An on-campus international exchange organization that plans and manages exchange events with international students.
  • SAC (Self-Access Center): A variety of initiatives to help students improve their language skills, such as speaking practice with native instructors and special TOEIC classes from the faculty of International Studies.
  • RA (Resident Assistant): Japanese students who live in the International Dormitories to provide support to international and Japanese students.