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Sanbongi Campus Voice: Thomas, France

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Thomas, 4th year student, Global BBA (from France)

Our university offers international dormitories where both Japanese and international students reside - fostering an international community both on and off-campus where students can develop independence, a sense of responsibility, and diverse values.

Each dormitory is conveniently located for academic and club activities, allowing students to enjoy a safe and comfortable student life. We interviewed Thomas, an international student from France who lives in the Sambongi Campus dormitory.

Experience a new culture

I came to Japan to study because I wanted to experience a new culture that was completely different from Europe. I decided to study on the Global BBA program at NUCB because of its international accreditation and the fact that I could obtain a BBA degree, which is highly recognized worldwide. Using the case method, you have to speak up and express your own opinions. I felt it was difficult at first, but after a while I could speak up little by little. Now I enjoy learning through hearing from different perspectives and experiences. After graduation, I plan to use what I have learned to find a job in Japan.

Independent living in an international dormitory

Living in the international dormitory is supported by the NUCB student dormitory scholarship and utilities are also fixed, so you can save money. Also, since the rooms are completely private, I can live freely and spend my time cooking and reading books. While I have my own private space, I also enjoy being able to casually meet my friends at nearby stores.

Unique Scholarship Program

NUCB has a unique student dormitory scholarship system as one of its student support programs. The scholarship is available to all students regardless if they are applying from within Japan or overseas, students can enter the dormitory from as low as 10,000 yen per month.