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For Parents & Guarantors

The following page will provide comprehensive information for parents and guarantors about NUCB Undergraduate School.

History & Founder

Nagoya University of Commerce & Business (名古屋商科大学, Nagoya shōka daigaku), abbreviated as NUCB, is a Japanese private university located in Nisshin, Aichi within the Tokai region of Japan. The founder of NUCB, Dr. Yuichi Kurimoto, was the first Japanese person to graduate from the University of Alberta in 1930. After graduating in 1930, he returned to Japan with the vision of making education accessible to the disenfranchised youth of the time. Following the postwar economic and population boom in the 1950s, he established the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business. In 2006, the school was the first undergraduate school in Japan to be accredited by AACSB International (AACSB).

AACSB Accreditation

Less than 5% of more than 16,000 schools worldwide have achieved AACSB Accreditation. AACSB-accredited schools have the highest-quality faculty and deliver relevant challenging curriculum.

In order to earn and sustain business accreditation, NUCB must align with a set of 15 business accreditation standards that focus on mission and strategic management; support for students, faculty, and staff; learning and teaching; and academic and professional engagement of students and faculty.


NUCB has multilingual staff throughout our campus to ensure we offer the best support possible to our students both academically and for their personal life.

A nurse practitioner is always available during office hours to assist students and we are one of the very few schools in the country to offer a clinical psychologist on campus

Our dormitories are located close to our Nisshin/Nagakute campus and are guaranteed for all 4-years. Rooms are single occupancy and come furnished and we offer both male-only and female-only dorms.

Career Support

We prepare the students for the job market and for graduate studies through comprehensive career support that includes seminars, workshops, self-analysis, certifications, internships, etc. The university has a 99 percent success rate of employment after graduation.

Tuition & Scholarships

The tuition for all 4-years of study at NUCB is 4,831,500 JPY (Includes 270,000 JPY Entrance Fee).
Tuition includes a brand new MacBook Air for non-scholarship recipients as well as your textbooks and club fees.

Fees can be paid in three installments in both the first and second semesters. *Fees Apply Installments are not possible for enrolment fees.

Student Life at the NUCB Undergraduate School

We strive to offer a fulfilling student life throughout all 4-years on campus with a variety of clubs and circles. Japanese language classes are mandatory for all non-native speakers to ensure that they can live a comfortable life in Japan. There are also numerous events throughout the year where we integrate Japanese students and international students to truly offer a global campus.