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Online Orientation & Welcome Party - Fall 2020

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During the week of September 7th, the NUCB Undergraduate School held an Online Orientation & Welcome Party to welcome the students enrolling into the Global BBA program for this Fall semester of 2020.

32 students, including our full-time Global BBA students, exchange and double degree students from our partner schools, have joined us.

As it has always been from its launch, the diversity of our students is one of the forte in our program, with 24 nationalities this time around! While we wished to welcome the students on campus, the current circumstances

The Orientation session, held on Monday, was divided into 2 sessions. The morning session was solely dedicated to our full-time students for an in-depth explanation of the program and what it means to be an international student in Japan. The afternoon session was for all the students to learn about our institution, the program, pedagogy and experience a demo online class to give a taste of how their semester will kick off in a week.

We introduced the Participant Centered Learning methodology along with the Case Method that are implemented in our Global BBA program before conducting a demo online class, initiating students to experience how our classes are delivered and the implementation of our online, live and interactive system.

Moving onto Friday, just before the class starts in the following week, administrators and students got together during an Online Welcome Party. Through breakout rooms and icebreaker questions, everyone got to know each other more than during the Orientation before heading out for more fun. The Japan trivia quiz test everyone's knowledge of Japan and NUCB Undergraduate School, with the winner clinching an NUCB hoodie! The last game was janken (rock-paper-scissors in Japanese) where we had 2 winners, each receiving an NUCB t-shirt!

We certainly hope the current circumstances will improve worldwide and that entry restrictions will start being eased so that we can finally meet our students on campus! But until then, everyone will remain cautious, staying safe and healthy. As the students engage themselves academically from the beginning of the semester, various online activities will be offered!