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Global BBA Orientation - Fall 2021

#Global BBA #Orientation

The International Affairs team welcomed the new students enrolling into the Global BBA program this week, in anticipation of the Fall semester starting on September 13th.

We are delighted to welcome 20 full-time Global BBA students from 14 different countries and 55 exchange & double degree students from 28 partner schools, representing 23 different nationalities. As it has always been from its launch and highlighted by these numbers, the diversity of our students is one of the forte in our program!

The International Affairs team explained practical information about NUCB Undergraduate School's Global BBA program, administration, campus information and life in Nagoya to help new students become part of the community.

The Orientation session, held on Monday, was divided into 2 sessions. The morning session was solely dedicated to our full-time students for an in-depth explanation of the program and what it means to be an international student in Japan. The afternoon session was for all the students to learn about our institution, the program, pedagogy and experience a virtual class to give a taste of how their semester will kick off in a week.

Prof. Frendy, Associate Professor of NUCB Business School, introduced the Participant-Centered Learning methodology along with the Case Method that are implemented in our Global BBA program before conducting a demo lesson, initiating students to experience how our classes are delivered and the implementation of our online, live and interactive system.