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Global BBA Orientation Spring 2023

#Global BBA #Orientation

On March 27th and 28th, NUCB's International and Academic Affairs team held a two-day orientation for Global BBA students who will enroll in April 2023. The orientation was designed to help students feel more comfortable and confident as they begin their college experience and provide them with the tools they need to succeed academically and socially.

Toward a New Beginning of University Life

This Spring, 49 new students, including exchange students, from 24 different nationalities will enroll in the Global BBA program. These students come from countries such as Ghana, Myanmar, Morocco, Spain, and Switzerland, adding to the wonderfully diverse campus. The previous week, NUCB staff checked the students into the international dormitories, where many students were jet lagged after long journeys but happy to have their own individual room!

On the first day of orientation, the International Affairs team gave a presentation to help new students acclimatize to their new home, including survival Japanese phrases, administrative information, and expectations as a student in Japan. This also included social norms that may differ from their home countries. As part of the orientation, student volunteers provided a tour of the Nisshin Campus, including the library, club rooms, student support, and other important areas on campus. After the tour, lunch was served at Hananoki by Cezar's Kitchen, and the students had the opportunity to make new social connections.

In the afternoon of the second day, Professor Hakeem gave a mock class to introduce the case method. Initially nervous, the students gradually became more comfortable and participated enthusiastically, expressing their opinions and asking questions. After the mock class, Academic Affairs also explained the academic structure, policies, requirements, and resources available to them. The two-day orientation was the first step for the students toward their new university life, and the students, staff, faculty, and wider community are looking forward to the entrance ceremony this coming Saturday.