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Global BBA Orientation Fall 2023

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After a summer of preparation to welcome a record number of 111 new international students (full-time, double degree, and exchange students) into our Global BBA program, it has now grown to become home for 231 students (including full-time, double degree and exchange) from 59 countries as of this Fall 2023, and all the students are now settling in for their new life in Japan!

The students arrived and checked into their residences on August 31st and September 1st, and after exploring their new environment over the weekend, they kicked off their adventure with the Orientation being held over September 4th and 5th on our Nisshin/Nagakute Campus.

The International Affairs team welcomed the students, introducing and explaining about life in Japan, in Nagoya, on campus, the Global BBA program and the NUCB Undergraduate School, by laying out practical information about everything that the students need to know for being part of the new Community and to get started with this journey.

The first day was dedicated to life in Japan, with the cultural intricacies that students will be exploring soon to dig deeper into the iceberg that goes deeper in the water, for the campus itself as the students were led on a campus tour by their seniors, and for all the administrative processes and paperwork that needed to be finalized for their residence registration.

On the second day, Prof. Frendy, Associate Professor of NUCB Business School, joined the Orientation to introduce the Participant-Centered Learning methodology along with the Case Method that are implemented in our Global BBA program, and conducted a demo lesson with a case on Sagamine Festival. This day saw further explanation of the program to the full-time students, who learned about what is provided through our Global BBA program and how they can diversify their experience to build the journey they wish to have for the next 4 years.