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Embracing Cultural Harmony: NUCB Unites Students through Japanese Calligraphy

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Our university continues to strengthen its global community with the recent arrival of 72 new international students from 26 countries. This brings the total number of international students at NUCB to an impressive 251, representing 37 countries. To celebrate diversity and provide an immersive cultural experience, an engaging hands-on calligraphy event was organized on Wednesday, May 24.

Cultural Exchange Through Japanese Calligraphy

The event successfully brought together a diverse group of 28 international students, eager to delve into the art of calligraphy, alongside 20 Japanese students. It proved to be a resounding success, not only providing a platform for learning but also fostering meaningful cross-cultural connections and promoting a deep appreciation for Japanese calligraphy.

At the beginning of the event, participants were introduced to the fundamentals of calligraphy. The Japanese students, who served as teachers, seemed delighted to share their knowledge of calligraphy while reminiscing about their own experiences with the ancient art form.

After the event, the international students were happy to receive their calligraphy pieces as souvenirs and took many of them back to their homes as cherished mementos. The event created an atmosphere filled with smiles as students embraced the rich tradition of Japanese culture.

NUCB's commitment to fostering cultural exchange and providing international students with authentic experiences reflects its dedication to nurturing a global learning environment. Through events like this calligraphy workshop, NUCB encourages cross-cultural connections and enriches the educational journey of its diverse student body.