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5th Japanese Speech Contest

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On December 13, 2023, the 5th Japanese Language Speech Contest was hosted by the Faculty of International Studies.

Eight participants, comprising students whose native language isn't Japanese, including those enrolled in the Japanese track (正規留学生) and the Global BBA program, took part in the contest. Each contestant delivered a four-minute speech centered around their assigned theme.

Over a span of about two months, the international students collaborated with their Japanese language instructors, diligently preparing their speeches for the contest.

The event received support from students at the Faculty of International Studies, contributing to its success. Attended by a considerable audience of about 100 participants, the contest proved to be a captivating and well-organized affair.

Reflecting on the experience, an audience member remarked, "I appreciated how the international students spoke slowly and engaged with the audience, making it easier to comprehend."


Presenters from diverse cultural backgrounds, encompassing languages like English, Urdu, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Myanmar, and Portuguese, delivered compelling insights and viewpoints on various themes including poignant events, reflections on Japan, and personal experiences within the country. The presentations ranged in titles from "Japan vs. Canada," "Travel in Black and White," "My First Job," "One and Only Life," and more.

Notably, the grand prize in this contest was secured by an international student from Korea. The winning speech, titled "Differences in Love between Korea and Japan," delved into real-life love narratives distinct from those typically portrayed in TV dramas. Meanwhile, the Audience Award was bestowed to Carmel, an Indonesian international student, whose speech titled "The Importance of Living at Your Own Pace," eloquently expressed her pride in embracing a distinctive lifestyle.

Japanese Speech Contest
In response to the increase in the number of international students at our school we have been holding a Japanese Speech Contest since 2019. The purpose of this contest is not only to provide an opportunity for international students to challenge their language skills in front of an audience, but also for Japanese students to become aware of internationalization on campus by listening to diverse voices. Each year NUCB brings in approximately over 200 students from over 35 different nationalities. For the Japanese students who attended the contest, it was a valuable opportunity to experience the internationalization of our university.