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Carmelitha, Indonesia


Carmel (Indonesia), Mentari Intercultural School Jakarta, Indonesia

Carmel joined NUCB in Fall of 2022 from Mentari Intercultural School in Jakarta. She has received the NUCB IBDP Annual Scholarship of 300,000 JPY as well as the International Dormitory Scholarship for Sanbongi. She has also taken part in many language exchange programs on campus to work on her Japanese language skills. We caught up with her to see how she is enjoying life as a Global BBA student.

What made you choose NUCB for your further studies?

Japan was always my top choice for university. I wanted to experience life as a student in Japan before deciding which country to work in. My family and I used to visit Tokyo and Osaka for trips, and I first heard of NUCB in my first year of high school through their email campaigns. I was attracted to the case method and the opportunities I could get from the BBA degree. I chose NUCB for an authentic experience in a not too overcrowded city - Aichi Prefecture is centrally located and offers convenient travel to nearby places. For example, during this past winter, I visited Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka!

How did the IB prepare you for the Case Method? What has been your favorite class so far?

I believe that the International Baccalaureate (IB) has been immensely helpful in preparing me for the case method. It has trained me on what to focus on when reading a case study and has provided me with experience in structuring my comments in class, leading to intriguing case discussions.

One of my favorite classes at NUCB has been Design Thinking with Professor Goi. It allowed me to explore my creative side as we conceptualized a project from scratch. I also thoroughly enjoyed working with my group and receiving feedback from the advisors who judged our final product.

You are in Sanbongi Dormitory - are you enjoying it?

I absolutely love living in Sanbongi Dormitory. It's like having a roommate without actually having one, as we have our own private rooms but are still close to all our classmates. I'm thrilled that the room is spacious, furnished, affordable, and even has a gas stove for when I want to cook. The building manager is always polite and goes out of his way to say hello to the international students.

What do you think is the biggest strength of NUCB?

The biggest strength of NUCB, in my opinion, is the opportunity to be an active part of the university community. I get to interact with peers and teachers from diverse backgrounds, which I wouldn't normally find elsewhere. This environment has allowed me to work on my critical thinking and leadership skills in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.