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Blended learning in Fall 2020

#Blended Learning

After careful evaluation of the ongoing pandemic, NUCB Undergraduate School will deliver the Fall semester (Term 3 & 4) in a ‘blended’ format, integrating our online, live and interactive courses in the curriculum while the traditional on-site courses are also kept. The ratio of each type of course delivery varies for our English-taught program and for our Japanese-taught programs, taking into account the student body.

For our Global BBA program, Term 3's core curriculum will be delivered online while some special elective courses will be conducted on our Nisshin / Nagakute campus, and we plan to hold our Term 4 on campus. Meanwhile, for our Japanese-taught programs, 15% of all the courses will be delivered online while the rest will be conducted in our campuses, by reducing the number of students in the classrooms. This important decision was taken in consideration of everyone's safety and health as it remains our utmost priority, along with academic continuity, as well as the current location of students and the travel/entry restrictions imposed by many countries across the world.

The use of certain facilities, club and extracurricular activities will resume within certain limitations and on a rotational basis towards the beginning of the Fall semester.

Furthermore, NUCB Undergraduate School will establish pre-emptive measures and remain proactive in order to swiftly respond to any situation, by analyzing the learning effectiveness of our Spring semester and gradually incorporating online courses in our programs from the next academic year onwards.

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