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Online yoga event


Just prior to the last week of classes in Term 2, the NUCB Undergraduate School hosted an online yoga event with 2 sessions for both undergraduate students and postgraduate students from NUCB Business School, our Graduate School of Management. Students are usually busy towards the end of the semester, dealing with different deadlines and preparing themselves for the final reports and exams. Furthermore, the global pandemic has impacted everyone's regular lifestyle and created numerous complications for the usual activities. Hence, it is important to offer our students an essential with a moment of relaxation and inner peace, relieving any stress that may have accumulated.

Laura Nicole, a professional instructor and the owner of Yoga by Laura Nicole, led both sessions from her yoga studio in Imaike, Nagoya. She provided the students a visual PDF guide so that students can have an initial expectation of the session but also for them to implement these fundamentals at their own pace if they wish to start practicing yoga regularly. With everything in English, our bilingual administrative staff provided Japanese translation through the chat.

Starting with a short meditation, Laura taught various asanas (yoga poses) in slow succession, starting with simple ones and gradually moving to the next one, adjusting the pace of the whole session to the students' progress so that they can really take the necessary time to understand the importance of each asana. Each session ended with a savasana (laid down on the back to relax one body part at a time, one muscle at a time, and one thought at a time).