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Life in Greater Nagoya - Hangout and Hotspots

Oasis 21 & Nagoya Tower, the Heart of Nagoya City

Located in Sakae, the popular shopping and entertainment area of downtown Nagoya, Oasis 21 and Nagoya Tower are trademarks of the city.

Conveniently surrounded by Nagoya Tower, NHK Building, and Aichi Art Center, Oasis 21 complex is a futuristic site accommodating over 30 specialty shops and restaurants surrounding the semi-underground “Galaxy Platform”.  It is connected to the vast network of the underground Central Park shopping boulevards under the Hisaya Odori park running north-south through the center of Nagoya City.

Oasis21 is Nagoya’s transportation hub, it serves as the Nagoya central bus terminal and has direct connections to Sakae Station on the subway. The Bus terminal is also equipped with coin lockers and free wifi is available in the whole complex.

Its rooftop, Spaceship-Aqua, whose name comes from its distinguishing shape, is a representative landmark of Japan. Renowned for its panoramic view of the city, the 14 meters high glass and steel rooftop supporting a shallow pool displaying a colorful light show at night.  

Frequented by Nagoya residents and tourists all year round, the park surrounding Spaceship-Aqua reaches its peak of popularity in August when it welcomes about 3000 people a day for the World Cosplay Summit.

Just beside Oasis 21 Complex is Nagoya's iconic TV Tower, Japan’s first commercial radio broadcaster. The design is based on the Eiffel Tower, Nagoya Tower was first inaugurated in 1954. The Tower underwent renovation work in the past years and reopened to the public in September 2020 with the new nickname ”Mirai Tower”.

While its official role as a communication tower ended in 2011, the 180 meters high tower is now recognized as a symbol of the city and nationally registered as a Tangible Cultural Property.

The tower is open to visitors from 10 AM to 9 PM every day. For 900 JPY students can relish day and night views of Nagoya from the Sky deck equipped with an indoor observatory or outdoor sky balcony at 100 meters from the ground. The tower also lights up at night with sometimes letters or patterns according to the seasons or events, adding to the beautiful night scenery.

The newly renovated tower also offers various experiences. From guest rooms decorated with local artists’ artworks on the fourth floor to good shops, library, French cuisine restaurant, and VR experience facility on the lower floors.

The terrace cafes on the first floor also hold frequent music and sporting events allowing visitors to enjoy the performances surrounded by the unique city view.