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Campus Life - Cultural Enrichment Activities

A Bitesize History of Japanese Food

On Wednesday, November 18th, NUCB International Affairs held its second Cultural Enrichment Activity on Campus in collaboration with SAC (Self Access Center) and CESA (Cultural Exchange Student Association).

“A Bitesize History of Japanese Food” focused on giving International Students at NUCB an introduction to Japanese cuisine “Washoku” as well as the chance for those who entered Japan this semester to meet Japanese students for the first time and get more familiar with Japanese culture.

Japanese cuisine is known for its delicate taste, long history, and the large variety of regional and seasonal dishes. After a short introduction about the numerous international influences, Japanese students introduced their favorite food and gave some insights about the local delicacies of their hometowns.

To close the event, Japanese and international students discussed similarities and differences between their home-countries gastronomy and Japanese culinary traditions while savoring Sora’s Cafe signature dishes.