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Preparation for On-Campus Courses in AY2021

#AY2021 #Spring Semester #Blended Learning

In the midst of the global pandemic due to COVID-19, we are carefully monitoring the current situation in Japan and preparing accordingly for the new academic year of 2021. At the outbreak, the NUCB Undergraduate School responded swiftly by implementing a system of Live Virtual courses that are fully interactive to continue the essence of our Participant Centered Learning. When the situation improved for this Fall semester, we transitioned to a blended learning model, carrying out Live Virtual courses and On-Campus courses by thoroughly following the necessary preventive measures in order to keep a safe learning environment. This has enabled us to start our academic year in time as per schedule and to continue imparting knowledge without any hindrance.

For AY2021, we will continue the blended model throughout the institution:

  • a majority of the courses to be held on campus;
  • about 30% of courses to follow the live virtual format.
Global BBA program

With the emergence of the new variants of COVID-19 around the end of December 2020, the Government of Japan implemented an emergency response by reinstating a temporary border closure for new foreign entrants from December 26th, 2020 until the end of January 2021 (as of now). If these restrictions come to its currently scheduled end in January, we will move forward with the aforementioned blended model. To be prepared for the possibility of an extension of this entry ban, we are considering a contingency plan for Term 1 (April - May):

  • Year 1 with live virtual courses in consideration of new entrants;
  • A blended model for the rest.

Term 2 (June - July) will then see further return to the campus.