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Spring Entrance Ceremony 2021

On April 1st, the cherry blossoms on Nisshin/Nagakute Campus were in full bloom, and the 2021 Entrance Ceremony was held at the Campus Gymnasium to welcome new students as they start their campus life. Chancellor Hiroyuki Kurimoto led the event, in which he reminded the students of their duty to carry out their “Frontier Spirit”  and embrace diversity, as the school was recently ranked number one business school in Central Japan by Times Higher Education. The guest speaker Ms. Yuka Tanimoto, Forbes JAPAN Web Editorial Department Editor-in-Chief, spoke of her career to date where her message to the freshman was to overcome failure and never give up.

Guest Speaker - Ms. Yuka Tanimoto - Forbes JAPAN

Ms. Tanimoto started her career out in the securities industry for Bloomberg TV, and in which her company at the time, the 4th largest in Japan, declared bankruptcy. Thinking beyond her years, she decided to enroll in graduate school in the USA and start a career at Nikkei CNBC as the company’s first female business reporter. To date, she has interviewed more than 3,000 VIPs around the world, including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and Starbucks founder Howard Schultz. From her experience from interviewing world leaders, she believes that a common trait among them is the ability to overcome failure in pursuit of their dream. She encouraged students to dream big, and never give up. The greater the dream, the more possibility you have to inspire others on your journey. She looks forward to the date she can interview an NUCB alumni as the next great leader.

Student Speech - Robert, 2nd Year GBBA

Robert, a 2nd year Global BBA student from Indonesia and recipient of the IB and JASSO Honors scholarships also gave a speech to the freshman to welcome them to the NUCB. Robert encouraged new students to learn the Japanese culture and take the unique opportunity to make lasting friendships with people from all over the world in an environment that nurtures leaders through the case method. Congratulations to all the new students on starting their journey at NUCB.