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Spring 2021 International Students Campus Tour

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Following the spring entrance ceremony on April 1st, new international students were guided by Japanese students from our Cultural Exchange Student Association (CESA) to discover the facilities of the Nisshin/Nagakute campus. For first time visitors, students were surprised at the large campus (1.5x Tokyo Disneyland) and also excited for the opportunity to utilise club facilities such as our soccer and baseball fields, tennis courts as well as the chance to try traditional Japanese sports such as Judo, Kyudo, and Kendo.

NUCB Campus Tour & Snack Party

The tour hosted by our CESA group, started at our Community Pavilion, to introduce the various canteen options to students. The tour then went through to the Central Information Center (library) and the Self Access Center (SAC), moving on to classrooms and breakout rooms of the Active Learning Center (ALC) to showcase how students will participate during the case method.

The tour concluded with an introduction of the IT support office, as well as the main administration building where students can speak in English to Academic Affairs, International Affairs, the Career Office and ask for student discounts for the bullet train etc at General Affairs. At the end of the tour, students gathered at our Sora Cafe for the snack party. Students were able to meet their new friends and freely talk in English or Japanese. Japanese students and current GBBA students (Senpai) talked to the new students on how best to adjust to the culture shock and make the most of their time in Japan.

CESA - Cultural Exchange Student Association

At NUCB we have many Japanese students who are eager to make international friends.  CESA, The Cultural Exchange Student Association, aims to promote events throughout the year where students can make the most of their campus life, students can freely talk in Japanese or English, and the members will promote Japanese culture. Previous events have included; Welcome Party, Cultural Night, Sporting Events, Movie Nights, and Cultural Enrichment Activities.