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English Café has started!

#English Café

The English Café was launched today, utilizing the cozy atmosphere of our Sora Cafe on a cloudy afternoon, to create a welcoming and relaxing environment for students wanting to create new connections!

What is the English Café?

The English Café was opened to promote the use of English language as a global lingua franca and cultural exchange between international and Japanese students. It is established in 2 different schemes: Workshop with events and activities conducted by the students for students; and Open Space as a freely accessible time for anyone to join and meet new people to do their own activities (but in English)!

First Workshop Session

Deano, Thanya and Jenny, 3 Global BBA students, were the coordinators of the first session on this Tuesday afternoon. For its launch, they decided on the theme to be “Self Introduction and Conversation Starters" as a meaningful way to foster new connections and to facilitate the whole icebreaker process, and this was implemented through an original game created by the coordinators.

Gathered around a table, the GBBA and Japanese students played “Jenga to Know Each Other”. It is the combination of Jenga with icebreaking questions to start conversations and to get to know each other better, all in English! Split into smaller groups, each group would have one person pulling the block by turn, and each block will be tied to a set of questions (Experiences, Favorites and Personality). The group that makes the block crumble will be answered a set of embarrassing questions that one can expect in a game of Truth or Dare!

The Japanese students who participated today were extremely pleased to be able to interact and play freely with international students, marking the beginning of new friendships. That is precisely the goal of English Café and everyone is looking forward to the next session on Thursday morning with another set of coordinators! The theme will be changed regularly to bring a fresh breath of air with different types of activities.