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Global Campus, Global Talent: International Students at NUCB

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We are proud to announce that as of April 2021, there are 157 international students from 38 different countries/regions (64 Female, 93 Male) studying at NUCB Undergraduate School making us one of the most diverse universities in Japan. Times Higher Education (THE) Japan University Rankings 2021, placed us as the best business school in Central Japan or our international environment.

NUCB places diversity and inclusion at the heart of its practices to bring unique voices to a student-led classroom to bring out the best environment for the Case Method. Diversity is also part of our diploma policy requiring students to understand the importance of geography, gender, generation, for example.

Diversity - Optimal Environment for Case Method

By learning with people from different backgrounds and cultures in the classroom, students gain a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. It also teaches students to consider perspectives and opinions beyond those they’ve already formed which promotes creativity, decision-making, and problem-solving skills to contribute to a diverse working environment. Diversity in the classroom doesn’t necessarily create harmony. Conversely, disagreement is crucial to the learning process, and this is where the role of the professor as facilitator comes in.

International Student Enrollment by Country/Region < as of April, 2021 >

Includes students studying in Japanese and English.

Country or Region No. of International Students (Undergraduate)
People's Republic of China 48
Republic of Korea  23
French Republic 22
Republic of Indonesia 9
Taiwan 7
Socialist Republic of Viet Nam 5
United States of America 3
Republic of India 4
Hong Kong 4
Kingdom of Spain 3
Federal Republic of Germany 2
Federative Republic of Brazil 2
Republic of Austria 2
Swiss Confederation 2
Malaysia 2
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka 2
United Mexican States 2
Republic of Colombia 1
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1
Czech Republic 1
Republic of Finland 1
People's Republic of Bangladesh 1
Republic of Kazakhstan 1
Mongolia 1
Kingdom of Thailand 1
Republic of Singapore 1
Republic of the Philippines 1
Russian Federation  1
Republic of Yemen 1
Kingdom of Cambodia 1
Republic of Costa Rica 1
Libya 1


  • The term "International Student" denotes those students who possess a "student visa".
  • For 2020/2021 some students are enrolled taking lessons from their home country virtually
  • Does not include: 75 Domestic International Students (外国籍者) or 12 non-"student visa" International Students (定住者, 永住者, etc.)