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SAC x Intercultural Communication

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Language Exchange Program

The university provides many opportunities for international students and Japanese students to interact on campus, such as various sports clubs and circles, the English Cafe, and Language Exchange Programs.

The Language Exchange Program is held at the Self-Access Center (SAC), a self-study space for students in our Central Information Center (Library), built to improve intercultural communication among our diverse international body and Japanese students at NUCB.

Last year, due to COVID-19, most of the sessions were conducted online, but this year we were able to conduct in person. This term, a total of 24 pairs from first-year students to fourth-year students are taking part in this program. The international students come from a variety of backgrounds, including Indonesia, Hong Kong, France, Mexico, Cambodia, Taiwan, Dubai, and Croatia.

For international students that want to improve their Japanese, this is a great matchmaking service that is free of charge. Students teach each other their mother tongue and this is also a nice way to make friends on campus.

A Japanese student who was paired with a student from Taiwan said, "It's amazing that she can speak Chinese and English and also studying Japanese.

We look forward to seeing how much they have improved by the end of this term.