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Recognition Ceremony for Outstanding Students of AY2020

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GBBA students: Maho, Deano, Yohannes (from L to R)

On May 26th, the NUCB Undergraduate School recognized more than 200 students for their outstanding academic achievement and exceptional class attendance with a socially distanced awards ceremony in their honor.

We strongly encourage the students to show great diligence and assiduity through academic achievement, attendance, and a variety of activities; and to this regard, we strive to recognize their hard work and academic diligence by conferring awards to encourage them to continue further in this path. The awards are classified in 4 different categories, ranked on a combination of academic grades and class attendance.

The Director of General Affairs, Mr. Kigaku, conferred the awards and delivered a speech on behalf of the Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association, recognizing the students' ability to adjust themselves amidst the current situation and encouraging them to continue their achievements:

“Congratulations to all the students who are honored today as Outstanding Students of the academic year of 2020! With a highly challenging academic year due to the present situation, this achievement is even more remarkable, as you have all made exceptional adjustments to the new measures, making best use of the hybrid format with both live virtual and on campus courses. It is a great pleasure for all of us in the Parent-Teacher Association, representing your parents, to see so many students receive the award. I am sure that all of you who have been working so diligently on your studies will use this award as an opportunity to grow even further. I hope that you will continue to work even harder at your studies and achieve great success as students of NUCB Undergraduate School.”