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Cultural Enrichment Activities - Zen and Shakyo

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At NUCB Undergraduate School, we appreciate the value of cultural exchange. Our philosophy emphasizes direct engagement with diverse cultures, aiming to broaden the perspectives of our students. Our commitment extends beyond delivering high-quality education. We also offer our students tangible experiences that foster an understanding of their field of study and produce enduring memories.

On July 18, 2023, the International Affairs office arranged an immersive cultural tour. This tour was carefully crafted to offer students a distinctive chance to delve into the core of Japanese culture and traditions. The journey we embarked on that day was indeed an enlightening exploration.

Zen and Shakyo: More Than Just a Meditation Practice

Zen and Shakyo: More Than Just a Meditation Practice
Our journey kicked off at the serene Hakurinji Temple, an escape from the fast-paced world where our students learned Zen meditation. This calming practice is already popular worldwide. Yet, there's something special about experiencing it firsthand in its country of origin.

But Zen wasn't our only focus. Our students got to try their hand at shakyo, an often overlooked but equally important Buddhist practice involving the careful copying of scriptures. It's a spiritual activity that helps to cleanse the soul and focus the mind. These experiences provided our students with an authentic taste of Japanese Buddhist practices.

A Visit to Osu Kannon and Its Renowned Antique Market

Our cultural expedition continued to Osu Kannon, a famed Buddhist temple brimming with history and striking artwork. But the exploration didn't end there. Right next to Osu Kannon, our students discovered an antique market that can only be described as a living time capsule.

The market gave them the opportunity to witness the past come alive in the form of old books, vintage clothing, and traditional tea sets. It was like stepping back in time and tracing the cultural evolution of Japan through artifacts.

Beyond the Classroom: Regular Cultural Activities at NUCB

This cultural tour isn't a one-off event. At NUCB Undergraduate School, we consistently organize activities for our students, be they from our exchange program or enrolled in the Global Business and Business Administration (GBBA) program. These experiences, we believe, breed a global community, creating an atmosphere where education extends beyond textbook learning.

From traditional Japanese tea ceremonies to local city tours, we make sure our students experience Japanese culture in its most raw, unfiltered form. At the same time, these activities allow them to share their own backgrounds, fostering a multicultural, enriching learning environment.

At NUCB Undergraduate School, we believe learning is an all-rounded process, and cultural understanding complements academic knowledge. Why not join us, learn about Japanese culture from an insider's perspective, and be part of a truly global community? Here's where your journey towards becoming a future global leader begins.