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Scholarship Announcement: Academically Outstanding Students

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Anupama (Sri Lanka) left, and Yohannes (Indonesia), right receiving their scholarship award certificate

NUCB Undergraduate School is pleased to announce that 47 students have received a NUCB post-entrance merit based scholarship based on their academic performance over the past semester. A special ceremony to commend their efforts was held on June 23 (Wednesday) at the Nisshin Campus.

The unique scholarship was also awarded to international sctudents, including Anupama from Sri Lanka who is studying on our Japanese track and Yohannes from Indonesia who is studying on the English taught Global BBA program.

NUCB Post-Entrance Merit Based Scholarships 2021

  • Founder's Scholarship: 15
  • President's Scholarship: 25
  • Alumni Scholarship: 7

Our school supports students who show great endeavour in their studies achieving exceptional results and maintaining high levels of attendance. The post entrance merit-based scholarships are are classified in three different categories, ranked on a combination of academic grades and class attendance. Congratulations to all the students who are honored today as Outstanding Students.

Type Scholarship
Founder's Scholarship Bi-Annual Amount 100,000 JPY
President's Scholarship Bi-Annual Amount 50,000 JPY
Alumni Scholarship Annual amount 100,000 JPY

The above scholarships are awarded for an attendance rate of 95% or higher and with a GPA of 2.8 or higher for the Alumni scholarship, GPA of 3.6 or higher for the President's Scholarship, and GPA of 3.8 or higher for the Founder's Scholarship (students can receive only one of these scholarships at a time).