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Ichihara International Scholarship Foundation Announcement

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We are pleased to announce that Maho, a 3rd year student on the Global BBA program has been awarded a scholarship of 600,000 JPY from the Ichihara International Scholarship Foundation ((公財)市原国際奨学財団). The scholarship of 50,000 JPY per month for 1-year is awarded to only a select few students (20) in Aichi Prefecture each year.

Maho (Mexico)

This corporation provides scholarship support to foreign students and Japanese students enrolled in universities in Aichi prefecture, and also provides research subsidies to professors enrolled in universities in Aichi prefecture. The purpose is to develop and support useful human resources who can contribute to the international community.

How did you apply for the scholarship?

I was notified by the internaitonal affairs office at NUCB for those who have sufficient Japanese to apply. I then submitted my application along with an essay in Japanese on why I need the scholarship as well as my goals for the future. I was then selected to visit them for an interview and written exam.

How will you use the scholarship?

I want to lessen the burden on my father who pays my expenses to study in Japan. 600,000 JPY is a lot of money and it will go a long way to allow me to focus on my studies.

Finally, do you have a message for the foundation?

I am over the moon that I have been selected and from the bottom of my heart I cannot express my gratitude enough to the Ichihara foundation for proivding me with this scholarship. I will do my utmost to improve relations with Japan and countries overseas.