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NUCB Sports Day 2021

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On Saturday, July 10th, we held our NUCB Sports Day at the Nisshin Campus arranged in cooperation with the Cultural Exchange Student Association (CESA). Given the incredibly tough year everyone has gone through it was a great occasion for students on campus to relax and enjoy themselves.

Games included tug of war, relay, obstacle race, and we also had the chance to introduce Japanese games for our international students to experience for the first time. After the event, attendees enjoyed a BBQ on the outdoor wooden terrace.

The head of CESA commented:

After the great efforts of students and staff, we were able to successfully hold a special event that everyone could enjoy. It was a fantastic opportunity for Japanese and international students to interact on campus and create memories that will last a lifetime. The impact of COVID-19 on mental wellbeing cannot be underestimated and we will do our best to create events like these throughout the year.”


At NUCB we have many Japanese students who are eager to make international friends.  CESA, The Cultural Exchange Student Association, aims to promote events throughout the year where students can make the most of their campus life, students can freely talk in Japanese or English, and the members will promote Japanese culture. Previous events have included; Welcome Party, Cultural Night, Sporting Events, Movie Nights, and Cultural Enrichment Activities.