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Faculty Interview: Dr. Anthony Townley


Dr. Townley, PhD Macquarie University (Australia)

Today we are joined by Dr. Townley, a professor at NUCB Undergraduate School for the International Studies Faculty.

Dr. Townley teaches two subjects on the GBBA program: Introduction to Business Law and Environmental Law. He previously worked as a commercial lawyer in Sydney, Australia and from his professional knowledge and experience teaches Global BBA students about key legal concepts that they may deal with as business professionals after graduation.

In addition to the Global BBA courses, his special teaching areas include English for Specific Purposes (ESP) and Legal and Business Writing. Dr. Townley is currently undertaking sociolinguistic research of legal/business discourse practices in Japan.

Dr. Townley Profile

What is NUCB’s main advantage?

The cultural diversity in the Global BBA program at NUCB is amazing, with over 30 different nationalities represented. In more than 15 years of teaching I have never experienced a multicultural learning environment to this extent, and I know the students love the opportunity to work with and make friends with so many different people from around the world.

What is an ideal student fit for the Global BBA?

The active learning methodology used at NUCB is suitable for those students who want to develop their critical thinking and strategic decision-making skills and their professional communication skills to become business leaders of the future.

Active learning also gives students the experiences to work in groups with other students, which is central to a lot of business activities in professional practice.

What in particular do you seek during the interview process?

I particularly want to see that future students have researched about the case method we use at NUCB and the details of the course curriculum so that they know what they want to learn and achieve as a student at NUCB.

Do you have any advice for future/current students?

Work hard and enjoy the active learning experiences at NUCB. If you participate well, you will definitely expand your knowledge and develop your professional business practice skills.