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Self Access Center Language Exchange Program: Global BBA Student Interview

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The Language Exchange Program is managed by the Self-Access Center (SAC) in our Central Information Center (Library), built to improve intercultural communication among our diverse international body and Japanese students at NUCB.

We are joined today by Rodrigo, who is a first year Global BBA student from Mexico. He talks about his experience in the Language Exchange program with a Japanese student.

What made you sign up for the language exchange program?

Rodrigo (Mexico) Global BBA Student

As I was still new to the Global BBA Program, I was unsure about the workload and I wanted to make sure I could have the time for the language exchange program before committing. Then my friend told me about his experience with his language exchange partner so I decided to sign up for it the following semester.

Even though I am still in Mexico, the language exchange will serve as an option to connect with the Japanese students and to at least get a taste of Japan while I wait for the border to open.

Can you tell us about your experience so far?

I have never even been to Japan, so I didn't know what to expect since I have no experience with Japanese people or customs.

My language partner wants to practise her English speaking skills, which is perfect as I am still not confident about my Japanese speaking ability and it gives me the chance to ask about words and concepts in English while helping her practise her speaking skills.

What are the benefits of this program?

I get to learn about the Japanese language, the life of a Japanese student and the culture of a different country. My partner's TOEFL scores and my Japanese ability improved as we taught each other elements from our own language.

What would be your advice to students participating in this program?

Don't be afraid to be curious, ask questions, be creative, do what you enjoy and eventually the conversation will flow and you will learn from each other.