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Recognition Ceremony for Outstanding Students of 2021

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On Friday, October 29th 2021, a special ceremony was held at the Nisshin Campus to recognize the Founder's Scholarship and the President's Scholarship for the second semester of 2021.

NUCB Undergraduate School offers a wide range of unique scholarships to provide financial support to academically outstanding students.

Scholarships based on academic achievement

These scholarships are nationality blind, with both international students on our English and Japanese tracks receiving them.

In total, 44 students were awarded a scholarship (Founder Scholarship: 15, President Scholarship: 29) as they demonstrated exemplary attitudes and achievements in their daily studies.

We hope that these scholarships will be useful for their future studies and personal growth, and we look forward to their further success.

Type Scholarship
Founder's Scholarship 100,000 yen per half year
President's Scholarship 50,000 yen per half year

Global BBA Students Interview

Kristen, Vietnam (Left), Maria, Mexico (Middle), Nadine, Swiss/Indonesia (Right)

We asked the Global BBA students how they kept their GPA so high, as well as what they will use the money for!

Nadine, I have a really great support system around me. Whenever I have questions or concerns I can ask my professors or friends and they are always willing to help. This allows me to feel more motivated in my studies. I think motivation is also closely linked to how much you enjoy the class topics and the professors teaching them. Personally I really enjoy all of Professor Law's and Professor Ray's courses!

I really enjoy traveling around Japan trying new foods and experiencing the culture. I have been planning on taking a trip over the winter break and the money will definitely help fund my travels!

Maria, Compared to other semesters, I improved my attendance a lot. Since participation has the most weight in almost all the courses, I make sure to be active in every class. I manage my time and plan my week ahead to make sure that I finish all assignments on time. Most importantly, I always strive to deliver high-quality assignments that show my understanding and effort.

The money will go either to my monthly living expenses, or to my savings account. Since school gets busier now that I am in my 3rd year, I have decided to keep only 1 job, which is not enough to cover all my expenses. Hence, the scholarships are a great support that allow me to balance my workload and stay financially stable. I am grateful for all the scholarship opportunities I have received while studying in Japan. I have realized that working hard really pays off, that your efforts will be recognized, and that small sacrifices can bring huge benefits in the future.

Kristen, to keep my GPA high I try to make sure to concentrate and focus on the lessons during class. When I study something new, I often create studying tips for myself, so that I can understand the lessons deeply.

I will use the scholarship for buying drawing materials and supplies. Recently, I have started to learn  oil painting. It also helps me to relax and find balance in life.

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