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2022 Entrance Ceremony

#Entrance Ceremony

Today, April 1, the entrance ceremony for the Class of 2022 was held at the Nisshin Campus. With cherry blossoms in full bloom, symbolizing celebration and new life, we hope that the students can embark on a new journey at NUCB and embrace their Frontier Spirit.

Congratulations on your enrollment

President Hiroyuki Kurimoto ceremonial address

In his ceremonial address, President Hiroyuki Kurimoto spoke about three themes: "What is NUCB?", "MBA Education", and "Unconventional Dreams".

Our university has consistently provided practical education since its beginnings in 1953, and has realized its mission to contribute to society by constantly pursuing a pioneering spirit with case method education, cross collaboration with the worlds best schools overseas, and MBA leadership education. The importance of acquiring the ability think independently and to use that ability to enrich society was conveyed to the new students. He also spoke of the important value of university exchange in education and how it leads to broadening the scope of learning.

The richness of life is something we can grasp for ourselves

Mr. Masatoshi Nagasaki, President and CEO of Space BD Corporation

In his congratulatory address, the guest of honor, Mr. Masatoshi Nagasaki, President and CEO of Space BD Corporation, gave three very valuable pieces of advice: "Luck, fate, and grace make life," "Practice is everything," and "Your past self is what your future self will affirm."

Based on his own experiences, Mr. Nagasaki spoke about how encounters with people can lead to unexpected turning points, the importance of boldly taking on challenges rather than being anxious about things one has no knowledge of, and that any experience is not a waste but a learning experience for the mind. He concluded his speech with an impassioned request to the new students to enjoy their student life full of learning and excitement.

Achieve your dreams and aspirations

Aamina (Sri Lanka) Welcome Speech

Aamina from Sri Lanka joined NUCB in Fall 2021 from an international school in Tokyo and was chosen to give the welcome speech to her fellow classmates, wherein 2022 our university welcomed students from across the world including nationalities such as Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Uzbekistan, and France.

In her address, Aamina mentioned her appreciation for those who overcame the difficulties faced due to the pandemic. Aamina went on to say that students should be excited by the opportunity to learn about a range of topics through active learning to equip themselves with the tools and advanced skills necessary to succeed. She concluded her speech by saying,

"To my fellow international students, I sincerely hope we can all grow in this diverse, supportive and inclusive environment and approach challenges with our university’s motto of “Frontier Spirit” to achieve our dreams and aspirations."