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Faculty Interview: Sandy Wong


Sandy Wong, MBA Macquarie University (MGSM), Australia

Today we are joined by Sandy Wong, Lecturer at NUCB Undergraduate School

Ms. Sandy Wong received her MBA and Master of Management degree in General Management from Macquarie University Graduate School of Management (MGSM), Australia. She also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Research and Professional Studies in Education from University of Bristol, UK.

Prior to joining NUCB, she had been teaching undergraduate business courses at City University of Hong Kong for over 16 years.

Sandy is also a seasoned business practitioner with extensive industry experience in business consulting, executive development, hospitality and services management, and supply chain management in the Asia Pacific region.

She is currently a lecturer at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business teaching Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, and Service Management.

Sandy Wong Profile

What attracted you to become a faculty of NUCB?

I am impressed with the tremendous effort NUCB made to bring students globally with multiple cultures and different perspectives into one classroom. I am attracted by such cultural diversity, which I can offer students authentic opportunities to gain a lively and enriched learning experience using the case-method approach. Last but not least, I am also attracted by the fascinating natural scenery at our Nisshin campus

For someone that has never heard of the case method, how would you describe it? What type of person would succeed?

Case method is an active form of instruction that focuses on a case and involves students learning by doing. Students are placed in the role of the decision maker by facing the challenges of companies in the real business world. The classroom becomes a type of business simulator where students can test their thinking and decision making in a no or little risk, supportive environment and get instant feedback that they can incorporate into their learning. Student preparation and active participation in case discussion are the critical elements for success.

Why do you think the Case Method is beneficial for Global BBA students compared to a traditional method of learning?

The Case Method cultivates the capacity for critical thinking and decision-making. Cases expose our Global BBA students to real business dilemmas and develop their confidence in the diagnosis of complex business problems under uncertainty. Our Global BBA students can learn to take a position and express their thoughts in a convincing manner which help future-proof their career.

As an interviewer, what tips do you have for prospective students? What is the importance of interviews as some universities have a document screening only.

I often find that some prospective students do not introduce themselves properly. One suggestion is that instead of just telling us their names and basic information that we can find in their application, they should start by introducing how their background connects with their motivation to join our program. Besides, they should review the university’s prospectus and official website to learn more about NUCB and our program curriculum. In particular, I would like to hear from our prospective students about their understanding of the case method approach.