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Faculty Interview: Gyung Yeol Yang


Gyung Yeol Yang, DBA, City University of Hong Kong

We interviewed Professor Yang, who has extensive experience in marketing for Samsung and ADK, working in Korea, Hong Kong and Japan.

Professor Yang currently teaches Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, Introduction to BBA(Marketing), Brand Marketing and Global Marketing on the Global BBA Program.

His current research interest is exploring the relationship between technology and marketing. He published a book titled “Digital Transformation Marketing” in 2021.

Gyung Yeol YANG Profile

What attracted you to become a faculty at NUCB?

I have over 20 years of experience working in the marketing industry, taking on a wide range of management responsibilities at Cheil, Samsung Group, and ADK in Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan. I gained my MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a DBA from the City University of Hong Kong.

I always wanted to share with students what I have experienced, both from academia and from my business background. My time as an adjunct professor attracted me to NUCB’s participant-led learning method - discussing business cases with students from 55 different countries is something you can’t experience anywhere else.

For someone that has never heard of the case method, how would you describe it? What type of person would succeed?

The case method is effective because it employs active learning and involves self-discovery, where the professor serves as a facilitator. However, the case method is not successful if only focusing on active participation in class. Class participation should be thought of as part of the overall learning process.

Students should participate in class after reading the case thoroughly, finishing the preparatory assignment, and being ready for discussion. In order to make this learning method productive and learn a lot from the class, it is important for the students to prepare for the class well. Students who prepare thoroughly and participate actively in class get high evaluation.

What has been your favorite case to use and why?

There are so many good cases that it’s hard to pick one. Every year, I try to replace old cases with new ones in line with new trends, but there are several cases that I continuously use because they include an integral message to be delivered to the students regardless of the time or trend.

I picked three of my favorite cases:

  1. "Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service” - explores the various meanings of the concept of customer service.
  2. “Dove Real Beauty Sketches Campaign” - discusses the future of the Dove brand and explores non-traditional marketing techniques.
  3. “Amazon in 2021” - explores how new players are creating an ecosystem of products and services to build a new type of competitive advantage.

You have worked for some top companies, including ADK and Samsung -Does that help you in the classroom.

I want to make sure that students are successful in mastering the elements inside the classroom and, more importantly, being prepared to become confident and insightful practitioners. My experience in the business world makes it possible to keep the balance between the academic and practical world. This balance is also helpful in effectively communicating with the students, making them more comfortable with my teaching philosophy and teaching style.

Can you tell us about your favorite project from your past working history?

My most memorable project was the “Global CRM Promotion Project” when I was working for Samsung as a project manager. It was a project that was carried out around the world over two years. Half a year was a business trip abroad, traveling to roughly 20 countries. It was tough but a good opportunity to interact with various overseas marketers.

What do you love to do/eat in Nagoya

My favorite Nagoya food is Miso Nikomi Udon (味噌煮込みうどん), a classic noodle dish. When it is cold outside it will warm you inside out.