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A Glimpse into Global BBA Freshmen's Experience: Introduction to Business Law

#GlobalBBA #BusinessLaw

Three weeks have passed since classes commenced in April, and students newly enrolled in the Global BBA program are acclimatising to their new academic environment. One of the classes for first year students is Introduction to Business Law, taught by Professor Anthony Townley. We popped in to see how the students are enjoying the start to the semester.

To begin, each student reviewed the previous lesson by writing their key takeaways on the blackboard. Professor Townley then offered insightful remarks and posed thought-provoking questions to gauge students' comprehension.

The class was divided into small groups to facilitate discussion, with each group sharing their perspectives. Students actively voiced their ideas and summarized their group's conclusions, which served as a foundation for further deliberation.

With students hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds and corners of the world, the classroom is a melting pot of unique experiences and perspectives. It's likely that these students have encountered different values and legal systems in their home countries, and some may find Japanese culture quite distinct.

The 7-week Introduction to Business Law course covers essential business law concepts and practices relevant to companies operating in a globalized world. By completing the course, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal environment for significant international business activities. They will also be able to apply basic legal knowledge to these business activities and effectively communicate using business law terminology in English.

The Global BBA program is open to students of all nationalities, including Japanese nationals, as well as students studying in other faculties at NUCB. Additionally, we are thrilled to have welcomed Claude from our sister school, Nagoya International Senior High School (NIHS), this Spring.