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Welcome Party Spring 2023 at Nisshin Campus

#GlobalBBA #WelcomeParty

On Wednesday, April 26, we organized a welcome party for new students at the International House [Boarding School for NIC] on the Nisshin Campus. The first semester of FY2023 saw the arrival of 72 new international students from 26 countries, taking the total number of international students currently enrolled at NUCB to 250 (96 Female, 154 Male), representing 36 countries.

This Spring we welcomed a diverse group of full-time students from all corners of the world, including Ghana, Myanmar, Pakistan, Canada, Italy, Indonesia, Mongolia, Japan, and Brazil. Additionally, we were thrilled to have exchange students join us from France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Greece, Morocco, Turkey, Kazakhstan, India, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the USA. Our campus community continues to thrive and benefit from the rich cultural experiences that our international students bring with them. The university is committed to promoting cultural diversity and providing a global learning environment for all students.

NUCB's Welcome Party Unites Diverse Student Body

More than 180 students gathered at the International House to indulge in an array of international cuisine, including Japanese delicacies like sushi. The event also catered to students with dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian and halal options.

The welcome party served as a perfect opportunity for Japanese and international students to interact and set the tone for their future campus life at NUCB.

NUCB is dedicated to providing a multicultural learning environment that enables students to learn from diverse perspectives and develop a global mindset. The success of the welcome party is a testament to NUCB's commitment to promoting cultural exchange and fostering international understanding among its students.

Study Abroad Network with Top Universities in the World

NUCB Undergraduate School students are strongly encouraged to make the best out of the school's global network by on exchange at one of our partner schools around the world, as part of self-development and international exposure that is based on the following rational: 'The time when students used to spend their student life in 1 country, studying in 1 language and in 1 campus is over'.

The reality in today's world is that one is unable to grasp the essence by just staying in their country of origin. However, facing this existence and knowing the current situation of this world by going abroad will enable the students to expand their perspectives and mindset by learning a new culture and new values.

What is PIM?

In 2022, NUCB achieved full membership to the prestigious PIM Network, which typically invites only one representative university per country and features the highest-ranked business schools in THE (#WorldRanking). Membership in this elite network allows for exchange programs and collaborative research among member schools, highlighting NUCB's commitment to academic excellence and global engagement.