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NUCB Sports Day: Uniting Students in Cultural Exchange

#CESA #SportsDay

Deepening International Exchange through Sports

NUCB Sports Day, hosted by CESA, (Cultural Exchange Student Association) created a captivating international student exchange at Nisshin Campus on June 10, 2023. With participants from NUCB Undergraduate School, Nagoya International High School (NIHS), and NUCB International College (NIC), this event brought together approximately 500 students.

This vibrant occasion fostered cross-cultural interactions, embodying our commitment to global understanding within our academic community. Students from diverse backgrounds united, forging friendships and embracing unity.

The day showcased a variety of engaging activities and friendly competitions, reinforcing camaraderie. Divided into red and white teams, students took part in obstacle relay, tug-of-war, giant ball toss, and team relay events, highlighting teamwork and collaboration.

NUCB Sports Day aimed to deepen friendships and strengthen bonds among international students, university students, and high school students. It emphasized leadership development and the importance of teamwork beyond school boundaries.

Enthusiastic participation and skillful displays made the event unforgettable, leaving lasting memories for all involved.

Afterward, a BBQ provided a delightful opportunity for further socializing and celebration.

CESA expressed satisfaction, underlining the significance of student connections and reaffirming their commitment to organizing inclusive events for continued enjoyment and expanding student circles.