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Post Graduation Opportunities at NUCB Business School - Top 1 % Worldwide

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On July 5th, the NUCB Undergraduate School's International Affairs team brought select Global BBA students to the NUCB Business School (our Graduate School of Management) for a campus tour and information session about the options to progress within NUCB at one of the worlds top business schools.

NUCB Business School, Graduate School of Management - Top 1% Worldwide

The NUCB Business School, located in downtown Nagoya (with satellite Campuses in Tokyo and Osaka), is the first and only Triple Crown Business School in Japan, making it part of the select few prestigious institutions representing less than 1% of all schools worldwide. With their programs rating constantly at the top in the world-renowned QS and FT rankings, students will have the opportunity to nurture their growth in an international environment alongside people of various professional backgrounds.

Campus Tour & Information Session  

The event began with a tour of the Marunouchi campus, letting students explore the different levels of the building that embodies tradition, history and state-of-the-art technology. They visited lecture halls, high-tech facilities for business learning, and student lounges designed for both work and relaxation. One of the highlights was a class led by Prof. Fred Ku, visiting professor from CUHK Business School, which gave attendees a taste of the teaching style and academic atmosphere at NUCB Business School, which was well received by the participants.

The information session allowed attendees to ask questions about the academic programs, understand the school's values, and learn about available facilities to engage themselves in in rigorous study, various co-curricular and extracurricular activities, thereby fostering an enriching and balanced academic and campus life experience.


For our full-time students who successfully graduate from NUCB Undergraduate School, special scholarships are available as part of the internal recommendation system. Students can be eligible for discounted tuition fees and a very generous scholarship up to 50% of NUCB Business School’s tuition (excluding Educational Enhancement fees).  

To be admitted into NUCB Business School, students must have graduated from NUCB Undergraduate School within the standard program duration with a Cumulative GPA of 2.8, earned a minimum of 4 credits from Focused Program Courses with a 'C' grade or higher, and passed the NUCB Business Schools entrance exam. In subsequent semesters, the same requirements apply, plus maintaining an attendance rate of 95% or higher and achieving a GPA of 2.8 or higher in the previous semester.