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Sagamine Festival: Yukata Event

#Culture #GBBA

As a part of the annual Sagamine Festival held at NUCB Undergraduate School, exchange students were given the opportunity to wear a traditional summer kimono called a yukata for the event. Together with the yukata, students were given an obi (a Japanese-style belt) and geta (Japanese wooden sandals). These components of the outfit are crucial to complete the authentic look and feel of the yukata.

Once dressed in their yukata, the students were ready to explore the vibrant festival grounds. The Sagamine Festival has various stands and attractions organized by university clubs and staff.
These include Japanese street food stalls to exciting games where participants can win prizes.
Roaming around in their yukata, students were able to enjoy the festivities and experience a unique aspect of Japanese culture.

Overall, the event proved to be popular among students with many commenting on its novelty and how well organized it was. International Affairs plans on hosting the Yukata Event again next year!

Sagamine Festival

The Sagamine Festival is held by NUCB Undergraduate School every year, with this marking the 71st anniversary of the event. To mark the start of the festival, Chancellor Hiroyuki Kurimoto gave a speech for the Opening Ceremony at the Active Learning Center (ALC) to congratulate everyone on their hard work to prepare for the festival. Following the speech, there was a grand performance from the NUCB Symphonic Ensemble.

At the main venue, food booths provided typical festival food such as fried chicken, noodles, ramen, and more. We were treated to a performance from a local yosakoi team (a unique style of dance), as well as a Live set from the Nagoya Guitar Girls Club, as well as dance performances by the K-POP Dance Circle.

In addition, the Nagoya International High School (NIHS) and NUCB collaboration SDG's circle were in attendance.