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Cultural Enrichment Activities - Fall 2023 Nisshin High School Visit

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An exchange event was arranged by International Affairs and the Nisshin High School faculty on December 21, 2023. International students from NUCB and students from Nisshin High School came together for the visit, fostering a lively environment of cross-cultural interaction.

Exchange Activities

One of the class reps welcomed the students to their school to start the visit. Giving Nisshin High School students a chance to converse with foreigners residing in Japan and improve their English was one of the day's goals. The intention was to assist them in forming an attitude that would allow them to participate in independent conversation. The students had also been preparing a presentation that they intended to deliver in class. They were eager to hear from international NUCB students who had good things to say about their presentations.

To break the ice, each student was given a buddy, and they all had simple conversations. The Nisshin High School pupils got to know us right away and began to speak English more confidently. When it came time for them to give their presentations, each person did a fantastic job and spoke clearly and naturally.

Beyond the Classroom: Regular Cultural Activities at NUCB

This cultural excursion isn't just a one-off event. Whether our students are in the Global Business and Business Administration (GBBA) program or are part of our exchange program, we at NUCB Undergraduate School always plan events for them. We think that these encounters foster a sense of global community and create an environment in which education goes beyond the study of textbooks.

Through immersions in everything from traditional tea ceremonies to small-town city adventures, we make sure our students get a true taste of Japanese culture. These activities also provide students the chance to talk about their own backgrounds, which promotes a multicultural and stimulating learning environment.