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Entrance Ceremony 2024

#入学式 #新入生

On April 1st, NUCB held its entrance ceremony at the Nisshin Campus to welcome a new and diverse batch of students. This ceremony, a significant tradition in Japan, represents the beginning of the academic year, and with cherry blossoms in full bloom, it symbolizes the celebration of new beginnings. We're excited to see our new students start their journey at NUCB with energy and embrace our Frontier Spirit.

Congratulations on your enrollment!

During his ceremonial address, Chancellor Hiroyuki Kurimoto spoke about three themes: "The Mission of Nagoya University of Commerce and Business", "MBA Education", and "Unconventional Dreams". The foundation of education at NUCB is centered around the ability to take action and continue to persist in the face of challenges and failures. Dr. Kurimoto strongly emphasized the importance of adopting an attitude of persistent perseverance, where students should strive to challenge themselves repeatedly, regardless of how many obstacles they may encounter.

Guest of Honor - Pipop Udorn

Our guest of honor, Prof. Dr. Pipop Udorn, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at Thammasat University, graced us with his presence and delivered an insightful speech that left a lasting impression. His inspiring words resonated deeply with both students and faculty members, providing valuable insights into academic excellence, professionalism, and the importance of innovation.

"Joining NUCB was the start of a new journey"

Ian (Peru), a first-year Global BBA student, was chosen as the representative of international students. He extended a warm welcome to the new students, marking the beginning of their journey at NUCB. In his uplifting speech, Ian urged his fellow students to forge new connections, step out of their comfort zones, and embrace the vibrant culture and countless marvels that Japan holds. We extend our gratitude to Ian for his commendable representation of the international student community.

A colorful beginning to student life

Following the ceremony, senior students greeted the newcomers outside the venue and introduced them to the various club and circle activities. As live music filled the air, performed by fellow students, the atmosphere brimmed with excitement.

The faculty and staff hold sincere hopes for the new students, wishing them a fulfilling and productive student life at NUCB.